Spiritual Soul gardening gathering:

With the new energies happening all the time, it’s now time to really focus on the sacred art of harmonious relationships between people plants and places, on many dimensions with a universal  love, here at Yewstone gardens.

 As healer, guide, teacher  you have an opportunity to incorporate 'soul gardening' into your area of interest.
We meet every Friday in the greenhouse at 9.00am and learn how to incorporate soul gardening into our different spiritual perspectives .
 Our purpose is to share our spiritual gifts or abilities for the greater good of all, through a divine universal love.

"Love people as much as you love earth, or love earth as much as you love people."

You are very welcome to join us.

Let me know if you are interested in joining with us on a Friday morning, suzanne777@ shaw.ca

and I will put you on the email list .

 Aroha nui and many blessings