Plant Essence guidance for the soul

To introduce your self to a  plant, you can use pictures,the plant, a scent or taste of the plant and engage your senses. As you are now working easily with the energy vibrations you can feel with  your, make a cup of herbal tea and feel the smell of the essence, and how it moves within your body.
Different plants come  at different times to assist people with the different issues and energies on the planet. The  transformation process to align your self in balance and harmony with the earth has a gentle strength and helps create an harmonious, balanced and peaceful way of living.

Enjoy your new harmonious relationships as part of your spiritual  journey.

Why are the plants important in the relationship we have between the heart and mind?
From my experience from my own journey and from assisting people heal them selves, I have found nature assists us with our relationships. In particular the subtle areas that are felt between people, plants and places.

I have found where there has been abuse with the emotional areas, plants are a great help, rocks and stones assist with mental or thoughts and the land with spiritual abuse. ( None of these have they have no mental or emotional agendas and act as natural mediators and buffers.)

  On your spiritual journey once you have started on your own healing journey a new step is healing your relationships. This is inviting the plants, rocks, crystal, earth, nature to assist us, helps us to trust our selves and to receive other people’s energies in a way that is harmonious.When we 'anchor' or ground to earth we are acting from a place of control, separation and forceful intention.This is very uncomfortable and aggressive, to the plants, and isn't an action that is in harmonious relationship with the plants through a Universal Love, it is the action of a love that is human centered only, as in conditional and unconditional love and is divisive.

As a more spiritual relationship with plants and rocks occurs, it  is inclusive and therefore needs a love that is inclusive of all, with no separation. It can then becomes a physical metaphor for your inner soul garden.

Your physical garden, whether it is containers on a balcony or a large garden are reflections for your inner soul work. It can all be looked at from the eyes of love, to understand more of yourself and your relationship with others inclusive of people plants and places.

What you a physically doing in the garden whether it is weeding or pruning or planting etc, reflects what you are doing on your soul journey in your relationships with yourself and others and nature.

Yewstone Gardensis unique in that it is designed to help you to explore your own inner soul garden. This can be done through your heart language of a deep sense of inner feeling. 

To understand this garden you open yourself to allow the plants and land to touch you. This is very different from you touching the plants with your finger tips. You feel the plants within you.
This inner feeling is how your body speaks to you. To understand it best it’s a good idea to close your eyes so that you tamp down your sight dominance and allow your other senses to come into play.

The grounding Exercise:Remember with a friend you invite them into your home, so with the plants and land that are your friends, you also invite them into your space. This is the Universal Love  way  of living with harmonious relationships with the plants and earth as I understand it.

Universal Love

Love people as much as you love earth or love earth as much as you love people.

The language of the plants and earthrelates to us through our inner feelings. Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable, or joyful. Sometimes, emotional or as though you have a tight feeling.Cough, or feel at peace. All these are good, because you are starting to acknowledge you own body language and your relationship with nature. Listen to them. If you don’t feel anything at this time, it just means you have a bit more of your journey to explore, until you can feel something. The feeling is subtle and is from the heart and not the mind.
The heart language resonates with the Earth through a Universal Love flow.

For people wanting to experience a deeper, more harmonious relationship with plants, try starting with the first step  Instead of deciding with your mind, ask the question, 'which plant wants to be with you.' and then let your mind go on a vacation, and feel which plant attracts you.

Welcome to soul gardening!

The sacred art of relating harmoniously with the essence plants and the land.
This is a universal love path.

At Yewstone Suzanne  as a Spiritual Gardener, guides you in a concept of looking at your own garden outside as a reflection of your inner soul garden. This gives you something to work with tangibly so you are physically engaged in your own soul's growth.It is an opportunity to discover more of yourself, heighten your awareness, balance your sensitivity to your environment by working with your natural environment, and gain more understanding of your inner wisdom.
It is also a way of living discerning your harmonious relationships with plants' and earth.

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