Welcome to soul gardening!

The sacred art of relating harmoniously is a concept that is new to many, but an old wisdom. It is about being in harmony with plants and the land.
To do this requires trust, an open awareness to subtle energies and a desire to grow on a universal love path.
At Yewstone Suzanne  as a Spiritual Gardener, guides you on to how to work with your own garden as a reflection of your inner garden. The result is understanding and nourishment of your relationship with your soul. It is an opportunity to find missing parts of yourself, heighten your awareness, and gain more understanding of your inner wisdom.

Universal Love

Love people as much as you love earth or love earth as much as you love people.

Yewstone Gardens is unique in that to explore this garden you use your sense of inner feeling. Many gardens you visit offer beautiful visual displays. To understand this garden you open yourself to allow the plants and land to touch you. This is very different from you touching the plants with your finger tips. You feel the plants within you.
This inner feeling is how your body speaks to you. To understand it best it’s a good idea to close your eyes so that you tamp down your sight dominance and allow your other senses to come into play.

The language of the plants and earth relates to us this way. Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable, or joyful. Sometimes, emotional or as though you have a tight feeling.Cough, or feel at peace. All these are good, because you are starting to acknowledge you own body language and listen to it. If you don’t feel anything at this time, but want to, sometimes it comes later, sometimes you need to ask within for help to receive with the love in a way you understand.

The heart language resonates with the Earth through a Universal Love flow. For people wanting to experience a deeper, more harmonious relationship with plants.

Friday mornings between 9am and 12.00pm is an opportunity to learn how to ‘Garden for your Soul’ with guidance from Suzanne.
Here is an example of channeled wisdom from the ancient ones who are wanting to assist us here on Earth at this time.
Saxifragi species.
Plant essence guidance for the soul;
Supports in a balanced way the growth of a well structured thought. Very supportive role. Wants to be anywhere it can be supportive of a developing area.
There is a coming together of the Universal Family. There are many to be united and each has their own understanding. To be in harmony on Earth at this time, remembering who and what we are, and what we do , is very important for the survival of the human species on Earth.
There are many at this time who have had only one understanding and it is the coming together, with the united understanding that is important.
For the wisdom to come forth each of us has a vibration that relates not only to themselves but also to Earth. The vibration that relates to the Love that is within, not only humans but all those inhabiting Earth at this time.
To be able to access this we have a certain vibration that needs to come through. This allows for the Ancient wisdom of Divine Universal Love of all those on, above under Earth to come through.
Many who speak of the Earth as their mother have an understanding of the Love that is within them.
The time has come for the gentle unfolding of this part within each of us. We have been holding this secret until the time came for those of us to bring forth a vibration that will assist people to heal within themselves, so that they may open their eyes to the new way of being on Earth.
It has not been established yet, as all the vibrations needed to be in place. There is an alignment that is taking place at this time to bring forth the energy that will assist this understanding to come forth.
Each person will feel the vibration in their own way, however there is a vibration that we all relate to. This is the vibration that Earth share’s with us. We are all baby’s at this time, and no one person has any greater wisdom than any other.
This is an understanding that needs to come through , as even though we have been through many alignments, and changes this new energy is new to all of us. We are all learning, and the only way is to ask for assistance from within, and from the Earth as this is your home at this time.
The other creatures on Earth, and Earth’s element’s are all wanting to assist us, however only through our bodies will we understand the Language of the Earth.
Aroha nui and many blessings
Suzanne Robinson

Why are the plants important in the relationship we have between the heart and mind?
On your spiritual journey once you have healed within yourself, the next step is healing your relationships. This is where the plants come in as they are ‘master receivers’, and assist us to receive other people’s energies in a way that is harmonious.
The plants helps us identify our own emotions and thoughts.
For harmonious relationships both the heart and mind on a universal love vibration are important.
The plants are a very high vibration, they act as a support for your heart vibration by being unaffected by mental or emotional agendas.
Once you have established an harmonious relationship with a plant, you are assisted back to your natural human state of being grounded here on earth, and can hear your own wisdom.
As a more spiritual relationship with plants,occurs it becomes a physical metaphor for your inner soul garden, and where you are at in gardening for your soul.
To introduce your self to the plant, you can use pictures,the plant, and engage your senses. As you are now working easily with the energy vibrations you can feel your senses.ie, make a cup of herbal tea and feel the smell of the essence, and how it moves within your body.
Different plants come to me at different times to assist people with the different energies on the planet. At this time the saxifragi is wanting to assist us. Some of you may feel healing energies through the computer. This is assisting you to transform in a gentle peaceful way. Enjoy the journey.