A recommendation:

Suzanne Robinson, a friend and fellow healer, has a truly awesome connection with plants. In her book: Soul Gardening, Suzanne shares vibrational healing messages she's received directly from roughly 200 different plant species. When asked to describe its plant essence guidance for the soul, Comfrey offered this: Strengthens your own being. Very strong resolve to achieve your goals. Gives the strength to move toward your goal. Connects you with your inner strength. Knows where to begin.

 Deborah Taylor.

Soul Gardening: The Sacred Art Of Relating Harmoniously.

by Suzanne Robinson

Soul Gardening Have you ever thought there was more to something but you just couldn't quite grasp what it was? This is where I started. I could sense there was more to relationships with plants and the land than I had learned from my college education. My journey with plants has helped me experience and understand love in a way not found in books, and which could not be put in a box with a label.

If you are drawn to this book, take the next step. Break through the emotional barriers of belief to connect with your soul essence and what you have to share with the world today through love.

Let plants help you understand your soul essence through their essence. Find out how you can do this for yourself, in your own back yard, with Soul Gardening.