As a Spiritual Gardener,  Suzanne uses her gifts as a gardener, visionary, healer, guide, to encourage you to acknowledge your inner garden, and use your own gifts for inner healing and use your inner wisdom to assist others on their soul journey..
With a background in horticulture and healing Suzanne shares  a way with plants and gardening that has helped her  to balance and maintain a sense of peace in our stressful environment.

'Love earth as you love people and love people as much as you love earth.'

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'Look deeper than the first thought you thought you had.'Soul gardening is the art of living in a way that deepens your awareness of your harmonious relationships between people, plants and places.

Yewstone Gardens is a place of sanctuary. It is unique in that this garden is created to enable people to gain a sense of peace. To understand this garden you open yourself to allow the plants and land to touch you. This is very different from you touching the plants with your finger tips. You feel the plants within you.
This inner feeling is how your body speaks to you. Your heart language.To understand it best it’s a good idea to close your eyes so that you tamp down your sight dominance and allow your other senses to come into play.

The language of the plants and earth relates to us this way. Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable, or joyful. Sometimes, emotional or as though you have a tight feeling.Cough, or feel at peace. All these are good, because you are starting to acknowledge you own body language and listen to it. If you don’t feel anything at this time, but want to, sometimes it comes later, sometimes you need to ask within for help to receive with the love in a way you understand.

The heart language resonates with the Earth through a Universal Love flow. For people wanting to experience a deeper, more harmonious relationship with plants.
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We're dedicated to  the sacred art of Harmonious relationships with Universal Love.