Group gatherings

Other Spiritual Groups are invited to enjoy our gardens. To help maintain the sacred integrity of the gardens you are encouraged to observe the harmonious relationships with the plants and land with a universal love.

The process in which this happens is to  book a session with Suzanne to find out how to enhance your spiritual group and sort out an agreeable time.Suzanne will help open the group and welcome your group on the grounds prior to your activity. A feedback session afterwards with the leader helps everyone understand more as we all step into this new way of living.

Feedback from a spiritual group
Good morning,
What a beautiful event yesterday at Yewstone Gardens!
It was wonderful seeing you Suzanne, thank you for centering the group,  preparing us for the encounters at Yewstone Gardens and for providing us all with the opportunity to experience the love of Yewstone.
From the conversations I've had, everyone spoke of having a meaningfully deep experience and how we all cherish the bond we felt with each other and the land. 

I felt the energy of the feminine, ancient wisdom of circles  and the protective nature of mother earth with the incredible cycles of the seasons and life,  a true gift.
Thank you for a transformative and extraordinary afternoon.

Healing and guidance

Individual healing and guidance to compliment your life style changes with a Universal Love energy.

Join us for our next Equinox gathering is Friday, December 21, 2018 at 4.00

Wear appropriate shoes and clothing for our cooler evenings.Bring musical instruments, and finger food  pot luck for sharing afterwards.

 Contact us if you are thinking of coming for address and where we are meeting.

Friday Morning Universal Love Healing Energy groups.

It will be based on the teachings of the Ancient Ones on how to heal and relate in harmony with the plants and earth, and to learn how to  listen for yourself to their wisdom through universal love.

This is for those who have received healing and guidance and want to continue to maintain and explore this new  way of living.

Contact Suzanne if you are interested.

Solstice and Equinox Celebrations