Each session is tailored to the individual at the time.

They are usually a couple of hours.

To begin a cup of tailored herbal tea for the person, to enable a person to relax and become receptive to the universal love energy through the herbs in the tea.

 Plants are invited to participate with the healing process through our senses under guidance of Suzanne. This process enables a person to gently open up to a gentle healing process of Universal Love.

Sometimes it could be :

  • In the garden; Suzanne guides you through a healing process with the plants. This helps to clear other energies influencing your energy field and prepares you to understand a universal love vibration.You learn to understand the language of the plants and earth relationships with yourself.
  • On the Earth bed; In one of the healing processes Suzanne uses her earth bed to provide the opportunity for people to participate in their own healing process.
  • With the herbs and Herbal Teas: Feeding and nurturing the soul
  • Participating with colour; Suzanne facilitates healing through a relationship with earth and when a person became seperated from the universal love energy with earth in different stages of their life.

The Transformation to the Universal Love energy:

requires a series of  healing sessions, dependent on where a person is at in their spiritual journey.

Suzanne works in the Universal Love vibration.

The purpose is to heal with the vibration of the essences of the plants and earth  with the relationship to the soul. 

  Suzanne works with many levels to facilitate the healing process with  Whatever she is guided to do through Universal Love for the person at that time.

 You will gain wisdom and understanding through the process where ever you are at in your healing journey .

Payment: Healing  with the Universal Love Energy also includes a new perspective on payment, dependent on where the person is at in their soul journey.Sometimes it's plants,sometimes food, sometimes money, their is no set rule.It is all reflective of what a person feels at that time. From my perspective this is a necessary part of the healing process.

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Healing Sessions

Healing with Universal Love