Intuitive Art

Painting for the soul.

A bit of back ground:

This is an extension of my understanding of the harmonious relationships between people, plants and places. Instead of people being separate from plants and their environment, it’s about including them as part of our healing spiritual journey. This is very old wisdom that is within each of us, and just needs to be remembered. The focus I have is on the essence (soul) of everything, as this is all felt it meant learning a whole new language that is not sight dominant, and influenced by my mind. A metaphor I would use is ‘like stepping out as a pioneer in a new world. There are no rules, you have to trust yourself and you feel free.

Intuitive art is a way to understand what I was feeling within. With the focus here is to resonate with the essence. Therefore anything that has a vibration can be used to connect with the essence within us and the essence within nature using the senses.

Why do we include the environment as separate entities? Their essence resonates with our soul essence and increases our heart /mind perspective, as opposed to our head /minds Plants and places act as natural mediators and enable healing within. Plants with the emotions and the earth with thoughts.

Animals can help with compassion and the heart, however plants and earth have no emotional or mental agendas. This is important to define where our thoughts and emotions. We are affected by the weather and the environment. All of these resonate with our essence. Our past resonates with our soul essence. All of these are felt in varying degrees. We can be affected by words, thoughts, emotions and senses. There is more in my book Soul Gardening.


 Helped increase trust and receiving

This helped natural flow understand the flow of energy within, and without particularly for people susceptible to burnout.

 A sense of serenity and freedom.

 It is very gentle, and yet has a sense of strengthening within.

Provided a foundation for other uses from different teacher’s perspective.

 I have used this technique for healing our relationship with nature, in groups to enable everyone to participate, there is room for exploring this further as my role is just to help us remember our wisdom within so they can take it further.


Individual session : $50.00 per per person

A group of up to 5 people is the maximum I feel would get a valuable experience.In that case the cost per person would work out less. Say $120 for a group of 5.
All sessions approximately 2 hours.

Love Earth as much as you love people or love people as much as you love earth.