Yewstone Gardens Sensory Labyrinth

Karakia ō whenua
Blessings of the land
'Love the earth as much you love people, or Love people as much as you love earth'.

Welcome to our Sensory labyrinth, created on 2nd July 2011.

It is a 7 circuit classical design with a variety of plants and stones. A labyrinth style is a reflection of the owner. Suzanne and Mike have an interest in the inter-relationships between people, plants and places. Therefore it has both plants and rocks.

A bit of background: In the beginning the journey of the labyrinth began with just Yews, this was interesting as trying to maintain this was frustrating, expensive, and very intense. It was too ridged, measured to perfection and a mono culture that was hard to maintain. It seemed to be having only my husband’s influence. As an engineer, he loved measured lines (18” between plant and stone) Perfect for a mental walk, but not our style. We wanted more of the heart, so for every Yew that began to show signs of disliking being there, we transplanted them to the back garden, and replaced them with roses. Then it turned into any plants that wanted to participate in the labyrinth.

To enter this labyrinth listen for your ‘heart question.” Tune into you sense of feel to help you find this. By the very nature of the length of time going to the middle, helps you to listen to your heart question.Often it can take the whole time to understand it going in as you face the different obstacles on your journey. The plants in the labyrinth assist you by amplifying the feeling for you to listen to it easier.

The path is made up of mulch, (to protect the plants), from many trees as well, there are blueberries (come back when they are in season), the Naskapi berry (a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry). Lavender in the center, as well as potentilla, viburnum, rose of Sharon and box. Honeysuckle, clematis, grapes  prepare you at the entrance.

It is ½ kilometer to the center and can take approximately 1 hour to walk. The labyrinth is part of the soul gardening healing process If you feel to explore more of your soul's journey working with the plants and land as harmonious relationships. 

Suzanne has introduced a philosophy of ‘soul gardening’, from gardening for the soul. Yewstone is based on this so everything here is felt and welcomed into place, to assist us on our healing journey of love.

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Our sensory labyrinth

Solstice and Equinox walks for 2019

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