Yewstone gardens Personal Planters

Imagine having your own personal planters. Find out which plants want to be your friend, assisting you resonate with your heart vibration in your own space.

To have your own spiritual guides on your journey of harmony here on earth.

Benefits for you: To assist you to align with your essence to ground.

To help you shed and cleanse other energies that don’t resonate with your heart vibration.

To create a buffer for you from other people’s emotional and mental/ thought energies that are not aligned with your heart.

To assist you to feel at peace within.

To understand how your outer garden is a reflection of your inner garden, and vice versa.

Each workshop includes: a soul guided tour of her garden to learn to feel and listen to your own heart wisdom with the assistance of the plants, and being able to understand

the language of the earth wisdom in relation to your spiritual journey,

Creating your own personal planter, and finding which plants want to come with you.

Each workshop will take approx. 3 1/2 – 4 hours. You will be able to go away with a

planter of new friends.

Cost per workshop $150.00 each.

What to bring: Bagged lunch. Gardening gloves. Covered walking shoes, clothes for the appropriate weather.

Workshop dates:  Friday April 12 th : Saturday April 27 th :Saturday May 11 th ; Wednesday May; 22nd; Friday May 31st;

All Workshop times: 10.00am - 2.00pm

Address Yewstone gardens, 3127 248 th street, Langley, BC

Each workshop will have a limit of 5 people. 

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