Meditation with Pois for the natural rhythm and flow needed for connecting the heart and the head, as well as being grounded.These are a Maori ball on a string used in balancing and aligning your subtle energies with nature through harmonious relationships



  • They also help you maintain yourself  with balancing of the emotions as well as the thoughts in a harmonious way with your environment.

  •  They can assist you to clear emotions and thoughts in your auric field that are not resonating with your love vibration.

  •  Help you to become more flexible and balanced .

  • Exercise areas that are stiff.

  • Enable you to discern whether in your heart or mind.

Each workshop maximum is 6 people.

Hours 10.00am till 2.00pm

All workshops on a Saturday.

Cost $50.00 per session

Workshop times coming later this year. TBA.

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