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Welcome to Yewstone gardens

Karakia ō whenua
Blessings of the land
'Love the earth as much you love people, or Love people as much as you love earth'.

To be in harmony with people, plants, and places as part of a universal love flow.
Yewstone gardens is a private sanctuary created  through the art of harmonious relationships  between people, plants and places.

As a Spiritual Gardener,  Suzanne uses her gifts as a gardener, visionary, healer, and guide to encourage you to acknowledge and heal your connection with your inner or soul garden.

To understand and trust your own gifts for inner healing and use your inner wisdom.

1. Healing and guidance for the soul.

2. Intuitive Art Therapy,soul therapy.

3. Advanced Soul gardening

4. Poi Workshops

 5.Labyrinth walks

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