Soul gardening gatherings:

 As a Spiritual Gardener  Suzanne uses her gifts as a gardener, visionary, healer, guide, to encourage you to acknowledge your inner garden, and use your own gifts for inner healing.
Suzanne offers Yewstone  gardens as a drop- in opportunity to experience gardening for the soul. In gardening for the soul you get in touch with your own bodies senses and use these as tools to your own garden. It's important to balance your spiritual and physical self.

The purpose is to put into practice 'Gardening for your Soul' so you can take away this practice and use it in your own place, and start your own soul gardening journey balancing both your inner spiritual and outer physical gardens.


The garden reflects directly what you are working with and enables you to receive healing and insights into your own soul's journey.

Suzanne as a spiritual Gardener  guides and encourages you to incorporate  your own 'soul gardening' understanding into your different spiritual perspectives .

 No physical gardening expertise required, you will be able to listen to your own wisdom  along with healing your relationship with your soul.

 Our purpose is to share our spiritual gifts or abilities for the greater good of all, through a divine universal love.

"Love people as much as you love earth, or love earth as much as you love people."

You are very welcome to join us.
Our next ones will be TBA
Let me know if you are interested in joining with us on a Friday morning, suzanne777@ Contact Us

and I will put you on the email list .

 Aroha nui and many blessings