Soul Grounding

Welcome to the vibration of of the essence or spirit of earth. The common denominator for all living creatures here on Earth.If you have been looking at many different modalities and are finding that living here on Earth is difficult, or you feel off colour or something is missing. If you feel symptoms of depression or anxiety that is not fixed by other medicines, then perhaps it is your soul calling to you to embrace your connection with earth and heal it 's relationship with you.

 This is the only way I have been shown to do it. You may know other techniques that work for you and this is good. Soul grounding is a small but missing piece that I found adds to any area of expertise.

Love Earth as much as you love people.

 Scientifically I believe that the brain part we are working with is the reptilian brain, the flight or fight for survival. Or depression ( past fears) and anxiety (future fears)

However from my own experience when we are in neutral or the middle, we are not engaging with any of these.

We are at peace in the middle or neutral and our relationship with all is through a universal love with earth and our soul essence we are not engaging these other mental/ physical and emotional lower vibrational energies.

 As we become more aware, and open to intentionally include our subtle energies, we become more sensitive.

 To 'ground' ourselves we have often done it from a mental/physical or emotional perspective.

It is now time to 'ground' from your 'soul's perspective.

  • 'Grounding' from your soul's perspective is from a perspective that welcomes i the Earth energies with a Universal Love vibration.
  • Soul grounding embraces the both feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves.
  • Soul grounding requires you to shelve your previous teachings learned from outside of yourself, just until you have embraced and welcomed in the Earth energies with the love.This is a deep feeling within, and your relationship with nature will be a reflection on whether you have connected with your soul.
  • The plants are the highest vibration and being able to feel the essence of the plants helps us to receive the essence of the earth.
  •  Learning a new way of living by including your relationship with earth and plants with the love helps you to maintain a soul grounding.This enables you to be more of yourself in the company of others and not be influenced or controlled by other peoples mental or emotional energies.
  • You  are free to enjoy just your own thought and emotional energies, know your own suble energy  boundaries and be able to be responsible and respectful and be able to discern from a place of love so it is easier to make make commitments based in love.
  •  You are able to enjoy  balanced and harmonious relationships here on Earth.
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