Plant essence for your soul at this time

Your first step in understanding your own 'subtle soul garden' is to put on your pioneer hat and explore this new way of living.

 The outcome of this process is TRUST.

 Your next step in this part of the journey is speeding up the time of recognition where you can start a new way of living that incorporates both your subtle and physical self into your way of living.

The language of the heart and earth is from an inner feeling/sense.

 Below is a way to start.

Use you previous skills of feeling your subtle energy and welcome in the subtle energy of the plants and earthbelow, 

Have fun.

A message from the ancient ones.

Harmonious  Relationships is :
 ”To have the ability to achieve your souls purpose here on earth, you must be in harmony with your body, here on earth.
This is a guide to help you develop and maintain harmonious relationships with people, with locations on earth, and with Nature.

In so doing you will have  the freedom to carry out your souls purpose, here on earth.”

Lily Lilium
 Plant essence guidance for the soul;
Grace, bringing together to make whole, gentleness.

                We are at one with all through the Divine Universal love. Please "Be" and accept the way others are at this time. It is important to love their journeys as this helps to bring about an understanding of how we have come together through the love of one another's paths. We each have chosen a different way to come and its a bringing together of all paths through grace and gentleness that we will be able to understand more of our journeys ahead.

Dahlia species

Plant essence guidance for the soul:

To find your truth,love the beauty within


Plant essence guidance for the soul:

To connect within. To connect to your higher self. To be in your truth. To know only your truth. To TRUST.